Trailblazer Foundation Cambodia – BioSand Bag Filter in operation in Cambodia

We have received great news from The Trailbazer Foundation. In the village of Peam Ta Oo, they have ingeniously built the frame for the P3 and have got it working! Please see the video at our Facebook page, Biosand Bag Filter, LLC. The pictures are startling and the effort that the villagers and the Trailblazer team is both ingenious and inspirational. To see the source water and the filtered water coming out of the P3 is simply amazing!

Thanks to everyone out there and we look forward to the next P3 going up!

With the contributions raised through our Indiegogo campaign, we reached out to The Trailblazers Foundation to offer two of our P3 systems. The Trailblazers have put close to 400 household biosand bag filters into operation in Cambodia. Once they were contacted, their interest in our P3 as a COMMUNITY-BASED biosand bag system was piqued! They have great experience in working with biosand bags and understood the benefits of the system as a green, sustainable method to purify the water supply. We have just completed the manufacture of the filters and have mailed them out to them on March 13, 2014!

The videos and pictures that we have since received from them are nothing less than striking.
Thanks again to all our donors for making this possible!!


photo1 Peam Ta Oo IMG_3530 IMG_3523 IMG_3450 IMG_3421 IMG_3420 IMG_3406 IMG_3397 IMG_3374 IMG_3341 IMG_3339 IMG_3338 IMG_3333 IMG_3327 IMG_3324 filter building filter building 105 filter building 104 filter building 103 filter building 102 Cambodia

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