Through our contacts, we were introduced to a project that the US EPA was conducting in Puerto Rico.  Project RARE is an evaluation of renewable water treatment and monitoring technologies to support communities in Puerto Rico with the operation of Non-PRASA drinking water systems.  The Apeadero community is fed by two sources –a “lower” source and an “upper” source. The water from the two sources are not connected.  Four P3’s were constructed and are now in operation and can be viewed in the attached presentation.  The water will be evaluated by the EPA to establish the quality of water produced by the P3.RARE Project pg1 RARE Project pg2 RARE Project pg3 RARE Project pg4 RARE Project pg5 RARE Project pg6 RARE Project pg7 RARE Project pg8 RARE Project pg9 RARE Project pg10 RARE Project pg11 RARE Project pg12 RARE Project pg13


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