Through many starts and stops, BioSand Bag Filters and our partners, Vida Liquida have broken through with our first installation of the P3 (Pepe3!) in the ASADA of La Cima.  On November 15, our President Don Kerr traveled to Costa Rica to assist in the initial installation of the P3 for the AyA (Ministry of Health and Water).  Nathalie Toro and Mary Quintero, in their partnership with Dra. Yamelieth and Dr. Mora of the AyA moved mountains and made this event happen!  The installation of the P3 went well initially until it was discovered that the water coming out of the P3 had a yellowish tinge to it!  After a short (panicked) conversation with our chief scientist, Matthew Geho, he determined that it was just dust from the sand.  After a couple of hours of water flowing through it, the water became clear.  Even as we breathed a sigh of relief, our next challenge drew our attention.  Sand started appearing in the water coming out of the filter.  This is where Nathalie, Mary and their team showed great initiative and effort to save the day.  They deconstructed the P3 and discovered the problem with the filter.  Their ingenuity cannot be overstated as they came up with a solution to fix the filter!

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for their efforts!

Unfortunately the problems didn’t stop with their fix.  Nathalie reported that the filter had overflowed one day and we realized that the water was coming into the filter faster than it was going out.  This ruined the biological process that had been started and team Vida Liquida had to restart the filter for the 3rd time.  As of this writing, the P3 is operating as expected and we should be getting some positive laboratory tests in the coming weeks.

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