In October, the management team of BioSand Bag Filters was invited to meet with the First Lady of Costa Rica, Mercedes Penas Domingo.  The invitation was extended by our new partners in Costa Rica, Agua Global Costa Rica.  We met On October 14, 2014 in the First Lady’s office to discuss the opportunity of providing our flagship product, the P3, to improve the quality of water across Costa Rica.  We were well received by the First Lady and we were introduced to the Minister of Water as we left.  Later that day, we signed a mutual exclusivity agreement with Agua Global Costa Rica to provide the P3 to them in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Peru.  At the end of this whirlwind trip through Costa Rica, we met with the Minister of Health and a representative of their EPA.  We discussed the issues they were facing and agreed to stage a test of the P3 to evaluate its effectiveness in the field.


Pictured L to R: Nathalie O. Toro, Agua Global Costa Rica; Yuliana Leiva, Roberto Batalla Gallegos, Chairman Grameen Bank CR; Donald Kerr President BSB, Mercedes Penas Domingo, First Lady of Costa Rica; Roy Morrison CFO BSB ; Lisa Albanese CBDO BSB

Subsequent to this meeting, we were invited to return to Costa Rica to have a next steps meeting with the Ministers of Health and Water. The meeting was a success as they agreed to test out our P3 in 2 different regions of the country. The Minister of Health arranged for us to have television and newspaper coverage of our working P3 on December 12, 2014! We are in the process of having 2 P3’s manufactured and we will be down in Costa Rica during the week of December 8 to set up the P3 and exhibit its effectiveness in addressing the water issues of this country!

We are currently working out the arrangements to test our P3 at separate sites for the Ministry of Health and Water.  We are reviewing new sites to install the P3 where the outflow will be closer to the community.  More news soon to follow.

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