Features of the P3 BioSand Bag Filter:

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  • Each P3 BioSand Bag Filter is intended to provide clean drinking water for over 200 people for less than 1 cent per person per day.
  • System is gravity fed, requires no fuel/electricity or water purification chemicals.
  • Lightweight (35 lbs or 16 kg), with parts that are locally sourced, the P3 BioSand Bag Filter can arrive in remote locations via major or local delivery services, parcel post or mule.
  • P3 BioSand Bag Filter is designed to be installed between the current water source and point of use. Multiple units can serve larger populations.
  • System is low tech with a proven process currently in wide municipal use. Only minor maintenance must be performed every 6-9 months
  • System requires locally sourced sand, frame to support the filter and bleach (1 gal/2 ltrs) (not included).


P3 Biosand Bags are slow sand filters which utilizes our patented soft side technology. Slow sand filtration is known for its reliability and ease in operation.  Considered to be the 1st filtration method for drinking water applications, it is a proven method, when coupled with our new lightweight design will provide potable drinking water for years to come. P3 BioSand Bag Filter requires continuous (24/7/365) operation, source water and distribution system must be able to support 24/7 operations.

Flow rate – 3.785 liters/min or 5450 liters/day or 1 gallon/minute (Requires continuous (24/7/365) operation, source water and distribution system must be able to support 24/7 operations)

Solving the world water crisis 200 people at a time

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